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    Video: Calf Buddy Feeders and Nipples

    Calf Buddy™ Feeders come in 1, 2, or 5 animal feeder. Calf Buddy™ Feeders have a versatile hook system that hangs on wire mesh, hutch gates, box steel, headlock gates, and round pipe cattle gates! Feeders are secured to your rails with the self-catching lock and adjustable to your height. Feeders are easy to carry with handles and finger grips. Feeders are molded smooth for easy cleaning. Calf Buddy Nipples provide a controlled flow that helps calves digest their milk much better, creating a healthier calf. Super easy to install into any hutch bucket or Calf Buddy feeder. With no screws, threads, or ball valves to trap milk, the Calf Buddy Connector is super easy to use and clean.

    265-5001 Calf Buddy™ 1, 7.9-quart capacity, Wt. 1.8 lbs.
    265-5002 Calf Buddy™ 2, 4.4-gallon capacity, Wt. 8.6 lbs.
    265-5005 Calf Buddy™ 5, 10-gallon capacity, Wt. 13.2 lbs.

    265-5901 Calf Buddy™ 1, lid. Sold separately.
    265-5902 Calf Buddy™ 2, lid. Sold separately.
    265-5905 Calf Buddy™ 5, lid. Sold separately.

    265-0007 Calf Buddy Grow Me Teat for calves. Pk/ 10.
    265-0012 Calf Buddy Grow Me Connector for calves. Pk/ 10.

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